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Manual Osteopathy

Osteopathic medicine is a hands-on manual therapy that focuses on treating the body to properly function as a whole.  It describes itself as a complete system of prevention diagnosis and treatment. Its philosophy is based on the principles of the unity of the human body, the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself, the somatic component of disease, the interrelationship of structure and function, and the use of manual treatment in the total care of the patient.

Osteopath at Work

The Four Principles of Osteopathic Philosophy

1. Each structure of the human body supports the overall function of the persons body.

2. The natural flow of your body's fluids (ie. lymphatic, vascular and neurological) needs to be preserved and maintained.

3. The phyiscal, emotional, social, spirituals and cognitive systems of your body don't operate in isolation. They are interrelated and have to work in harmony to provide you good health.

4. Without restrictions on its systems, the body is capable of healing itself.

Osteopathy Rates

Initial Assessment / Treatment ( 60 minutes )  $ 110.00 

Follow- up ( 45 minutes )                                   $ 90.00

Follow- up ( 30 minutes )                                   $ 70.00

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