Massage Therapy

All therapists at Massaje + Wellness are Registered Massage Therapists and are able to provide treatments that will help you with your injuries, post surgeries and more. Massage treatment includes a brief assessment to discuss symptoms, address areas of concern, medical history and possible causes/solutions to your aches and pains.

Aromatherapy Massage

(light- medium pressure)

Applying Essential Oil

the aroma from the essential oils promotes relaxation psychologically and helps nourish the skin with natural oils containing Vitamins E and K.  

**please inform us ahead of your treatment if you have allergic reactions to any oils, lotion and/ or scents.


30 minutes CHAIR massage      $45.00

30 minutes massage therapy     $65.00

45 minutes massage therapy     $80.00

60 minutes massage therapy     $95.00

75 minutes massage therapy     $120.00

90 minutes massage therapy     $140.00

HOT STONE MASSAGE (w/ basalt stone)

75 minutes     $150.00

90 minutes     $175.00


( adding essential oils to your therapy )

additional $5