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Massage Therapy

All therapists at Massaje + Wellness are Registered Massage Therapists and are able to provide treatments that will help you with your injuries, post surgeries and more. Massage treatment includes a brief assessment to discuss symptoms, address areas of concern, medical history and possible causes/solutions to your aches and pains.

Pediatric Massage (light pressure)


Pediatric massage helps our little energy monsters decrease pain from their injuries during rough plays and increase healing. Massage decreases stress levels which then help boosts immune system function.  For Babies, massage helps reduce gas, colic and any intestinal difficulties. Infant massage can also aid in their healthy growth and development.

Aromatherapy Massage

(light- deep pressure)

Applying Essential Oil

the aroma from the essential oils promotes relaxation psychologically and helps nourish the skin with natural oils containing Vitamins E and K.  

**please inform us ahead of your treatment if you have allergic reactions to any oils, lotion and/ or scents.


30 minutes CHAIR massage      $45.00

30 minutes massage therapy     $70.00

45 minutes massage therapy     $85.00

60 minutes massage therapy     $100.00

75 minutes massage therapy     $125.00

90 minutes massage therapy     $145.00

HOT STONE MASSAGE (w/ basalt stone)

75 minutes     $155.00

90 minutes     $180.00


( adding essential oils to your therapy )

additional $5 

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